The Yellow Zone™

Juliet Kosarzycki is first and foremost an explorer. An explorer of new places, people and experiences.

Ever since she was a teenager, she has been purposely taking actions to step outside of her comfort zone and face head-on whatever makes her feel uncertain or uncomfortable. She calls this Stepping into the Yellow Zone. Juliet inspires audiences to venture into the Yellow Zone, a place where one’s fear, doubt and uncertainty get transformed into possibilities, confidence and success.

What is the Yellow Zone™?

The Yellow Zone™ is the area outside of your comfort zone, the place where discomfort, fear and doubt can cause you to hesitate and prevent you from acting on your dreams and goals. When you take a risk and step into that space, you find yourself truly living in the moment and you can feel yourself grow.

Taking such risks and acting in spite of uncertainty lets us see what we are made of and what we are capable of doing. Doing this regularly boosts our confidence and soon we find ourselves considering new possibilities and we view life as full of opportunities.

Each time you step into this zone, you broaden your experience, and quickly you will begin to see how something that seemed out of reach will suddenly be within your grasp. New opportunities that didn’t occur to you will suddenly appear.

The confidence and positive attitude generated from stepping in the Yellow Zone™ can propel you forward to tap into that abundance of potential you have. Once you unlock that key to your potential, there is no stopping you and you are living fully. Are you ready to take the first step?

The Traffic Light Model

Imagine the three colors on a traffic light. What color is on top? Red. Red means stop, danger. What is on the bottom? Green. Green means go. And in the middle? Yellow. Yellow means caution (or speed up, to some people). :)

Now imagine these three circles of color as concentric circles, with green in the middle, then yellow then red on the outer rim. You are in the middle, in the green zone.  Since green means go, this represents all the things you go and do without hesitation, it is your daily habits and routines. The things that are easy and familiar – your comfort zone.

When you walk through the green zone you eventually get to point where you bump up against the yellow zone. Yellow means caution, and represents the things you’d like to do in life but have never done, the things that make you nervous, uncomfortable, etc. Stepping into the yellow zone represents stepping out of your comfort zone. This is where your growth happens.

Moving deeper into yellow represents doing things that make you increasingly uncomfortable, until you get to the red zone which stops you. The things in your red zone would paralyze you.

Imagine someone who is uncomfortable speaking in front of others. What is their green zone? Talking to family and friends. And their yellow zone continuum may be speaking up a meeting, giving a short presentation to a familiar group, giving a long presentation, or speaking in front of a larger or  unfamiliar audience. Their red zone may be being on live TV in front of millions of viewers.

And imagine if this person said, “I know that my growth happens in the yellow zone so I am going to step into it and speak up at a meeting.” What happens? When they do that, their green zone just got larger, and everything in yellow just got relatively closer.  Your green zone keeps getting larger every time you step into your yellow zone. The outcome is a life that is more rewarding, enriched, and exciting, and you become more valuable to your business and community with each new challenge and experience.

Wouldn’t that be a fantastic way to live – to keep growing and discovering what you are made of.

Join the movement to Step into the Yellow Zone™ and discover what you are capable of. Discover how awesome you are!

 The foundation for the Yellow Zone™

Juliet’s focus is on developing the leader within you to inspire you to share your unique talents and gifts to create wellness, prosperity and fulfillment in your life and your community.

Yellow Zone International believes that you will feel energetic and fulfilled when you are living your purpose and seeking new opportunities to tap into your potential. So how do you know what your purpose is, and how do you tap into your potential?

Discovering your purpose

To start, think about your unique talents and gifts. Visualize the times when you feel the greatest sense of fulfillment in life. Reflect on the images that come to mind when you are pondering your ideal life. Pretend you are at the end of your life and you are looking back on what your life was about. Those thoughts can begin to give you a sense of your purpose, your calling.

When you ignore your gifts, you will likely continue to have a sense of longing, or dissatisfaction. That is your message that you are not aligned with your purpose.

When you acknowledge what you are here to offer, and you take action to share that, you will experience such clarity and energy that you feel unstoppable.

And when you make your contribution, when you share your gifts with those around you, whether it is your family, your business, your community or the world, others can draw on your enthusiasm and talent to support them in making their contributions.

Tapping into your potential

Thomas Edison wrote, “If we did all of the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.” Yes, we are far greater than we think we are.  How can we tap into that potential to see what we are really capable of?

Begin by thinking about something you want to experience or achieve that you have never done before. Every time you stretch yourself, you grow and new possibilities are suddenly open to you. That is the concept behind the Yellow Zone. The more you experience, the more you have to offer, and more enriched your life becomes.

The vision

There is an extraordinary leader within you, who is patiently, or not so patiently, waiting to come out. What has been stopping you? Your limiting beliefs, assumptions, interpretations, and inner critic having been keeping your greatness locked inside.

Through understanding how a simple shift in your thoughts can affect your actions and your results, you can unleash the energy to live the life you are meant to live, and contribute what you are meant to contribute.

Imagine what the world will be like when we are all openly sharing our talents and gifts. We’ll be creating a world of wellness, joy, fulfillment and prosperity.

Are you ready to contribute your part, share your gifts, stretch yourself, and discover the greatness within you?

Yellow Zone International will partner with you to make it happen!