What others are saying about Yellow Zone International’s seminars and keynotes:

“Want someone to lead your workshops, develop a winning training program or present a dynamite motivational leadership retreat? Do you employees need a super coach to spark them and add to your bottom line? Get Juliet! A coach with integrity, dependability and class.”  Judy Krings, Ph.D.,PCC, Coach at Coaching Positivity

“If you want high energy, excitement, and creativity, Juliet is for you! She is a dynamic speaker and collaboratively helps you step out of your comfort zone. Whether you need a speaker or a coach, Juliet is thumbs up!” Dr Stacey Soeldner Clinical Psychologist and Life Coach at Riverhill Psychological Associates

“Juliet is a wonderful speaker, coach and consultant. She is timely, action-oriented and very thoughtful when it comes to accomplishing tasks and reaching goals. I have seen Juliet create meaningful and well-attended business presentations, team building workshops, as well as community events. Juliet will impress you and I am happy for the opportunity to recommend her! :) Dr. Jennifer Rada DC www.AppleForHealth.com,  Apple Chiropractic Clinics

“I wholeheartedly recommend Juliet. She is a talented and bright woman who is able to communicate her ideas both on an individual basis and as a national presenter. Juliet has a genuine compassion for others and brings a unique international perspective to her work.” Brian Boomgarden, Clinic Manager at Holy Family Memorial

UW Colleges Student Leadership Conference:

“This encouraged me to do more, try more, get out there and try things that may be a little frightening for me.” Stephanie Hounsell, student, UW Fond du Lac

“Gave me inspiration I can bring back to my organization.” Pafoua Kue. Student, UW Manitowoc

How to Smile When your Feet Hurt

“Juliet asks questions that root out problems in your workplace and then she helps you find ways to give attention to the issues.  She’ll stretch your staff with creative and thoughtful activities.  She comes prepared with lots of energy.” Cherilyn Stewart, Director, Manitowoc Public Library

“Very energetic, knowledgeable presenter.  All staff should go to one of her seminars.” Kathy Penchofer – Manitowoc Public Library.

The Energy of Positive Relationships

“”I loved the energy and enthusiasm of the presentation. It kept all interested and engaged. Very helpful information.” – Laura Fielding, Administrative Director – Organizational Development

Well done presentation. Is necessary for a positive culture shift.” – Dan Linsmeier

“You provided a very worthwhile presentation.  Your conceptualizations via the Energy Leadership Model were interesting and provided me with helpful techniques.”

“Energizing presentation, nice work, good ideas to use.”

“Very worthwhile time spent, topic is so valuable to all life aspects.  Very enjoyable overall.”

“Good timely topic – culture changing.”

National College Speaking Tour on Leadership, Community Development and the Peace Corps

“Juliet delivered an inspirational keynote at our special event, Celebrating Service Leadership. Juliet is a great role model who is truly courageous, compassionate, committed, and creative. She related very well with our student audience. She made us laugh, and she had us on the edge of seats with anticipation about her powerful experience. I plan to bring her back to speak to more students. I recommend Juliet for anyone who wants to motivate their students to see the many, many opportunities for leadership and for service.”  –Bill Messner, Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

“Juliet’s presentation was an effective mix of information and inspiration, and she kept the students engaged with her interactive style and powerful story.” – Jacek Lubecki, Professor, University of Arkansas – Little Rock

“Juliet captivated the students in attendance at her presentation at La Roche College. When telling the group of her experiences in Albania, it was obvious that the story was an eye opener for the students.  I believe that the students who attended the presentation walked away from it with a new outlook on stepping outside of their comfort zone and really doing something to make a difference in their community or someone else’s.  Juliet was captivating, energetic and full of encouragement.” – Paulette Beadling, Assistant Director of Student Development, La Roche College

If you’re looking for inspiration set in the context of human rights and community, Juliet Kosarzycki is your woman! Juliet spoke about the gift of believing in someone else, and providing hope that people can tackle meaningful issues and achieve important goals. Juliet reminds us that we have to be willing to take measured risks, to put ourselves in situations that are slightly uncomfortable, yet carry so much potential for growth. Juliet’s stories from her time as a Peace Corps volunteer in Albania emboldens us to ask ourselves, “How can I challenge myself to work for social change?”  – Jessica Toft, Associate Professor, School of Social Work, University of St. Thomas and St. Catherine University

“Her vivid stories and engaging descriptions of some of the programs she has led helped students see how theory is connected to practice and brought meaning and clarity to the classroom. Juliet expertly tailored her presentation to this audience!– Lynn Englund, Ph.D., Department of Curriculum and Instruction, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Leadership & Team Building Retreat

“We have engaged Juliet on several occasions to help Holy Family Memorial in the areas of professional coaching and leadership training. She did an outstanding job in both arenas. Her expertise, confidence and passion for what she does are clearly evident. She has wonderful speaking and facilitation skills, reads audiences well, communicates effectively and is easy to work with – aims to please and always meets deadlines. Most recently Juliet did a fantastically fun and educational leadership learning/teambuilding retreat for us which was met with positive feedback and outcomes. I highly recommend Juliet for an organization that wants a first rate, top notch trainer and motivational speaker !”  – Mary Maurer, Chief Innovation Officer at Holy Family Memorial

How to Speak to Anyone

“Juliet is a very dynamic and positive speaker that makes you feel good about yourself and think about things in a different perspective from the time you enter the room until long after you leave. She makes you want to challenge yourself in new ways.” Kelly Knowles, Circulation Assistant, Manitowoc Public Library

“It was nice to attend a presentation where I felt like I walked away with useful information. Juliet was very knowledgeable and a pleasure to listen to.” Allison Weber, Executive Assistant, Lakeshore Technical College, Cleveland, WI

“The way that Juliet makes one understand their value is unmatched.” Brooke Sprang, Human Resource Manager, Invincible Office Furniture, Manitowoc

“Great energy from Juliet – she kept the group enthused and engaged! Great topic delivered flawlessly!” Crystal Casavant, Manager, Americollect, Inc., Manitowoc

“Very beneficial!” – Jenny Johnson, RN/Supervisor, Home Care Health Services and Hospice, Manitowoc

Building Confidence – “Yeah, That’s Right, I’m an Amazing Woman!”

“This course really helped me shift my perspective to see the truly amazing woman I am!  The feedback from Juliet and my peers were invaluable in helping me grow and develop and in building my confidence overall!  I would highly recommend this class to anyone who has any area of their life that they could use more confidence in.” – Linda

“As cliche as this may sound, Juliet has changed my life. As a student in her “confidence course”, Juliet guided me back to the person I used to be, but had lost somewhere over time. The reflective exercises, probing questions, and support that she provides makes it possible to redefine who you are & where you want to be. I have received many positive comments about the “new me”, — and I have Juliet to thank for all of them.” – Jo Fink, Director of Accounting at IMF Solutions

Step Into Improv for Leadership Skills

“Fun, new, interesting and interactive program that makes you think about yourself and your communication skills in a new way. Meaningful exercises that supported and reinforced the content allowing participants to reflect on and apply concepts to their lives and jobs.” Rita J. Knowles, Director Education & Community Outreach, Holy Family Memorial

“Awesome, fun!!!” Lisa Mikeal, Team Leader, Holy Family Memorial, Manitowoc

“It was a fun way of learning and getting new ideas. A good way to help brainstorm ideas.” Stephanie Satori, Supervisor, Harmony Living Centers

“This benefited me by teaching me to go outside my comfort zone – even if it is just a little at a time. I know I need to do this to get ahead in the world and feel more confident about myself.” Cheryl Tougas, CNA, Harmony Living Centers

“Juliet is a great asset to the community. She came in to speak at a staff meeting and was well received. The topic was valuable on both a professional and personal level. We look forward to having her back to speak again.” Kirsten Quam, Harmony Living Centers, LLC

“Positive format and high energy.”

“Benefited me by encouraging less control and opening my mind.”

“Great speaker, good ideas, makes me think about how I react to my employees, as well as my life at home.”

“Encourages open communication, being open minded and giving positive feedback.”

“Was very helpful and will be applied in my work and role as a leader

Change your Thoughts, Change your Reality

“Juliet created a comfortable, collaborative environment for us to learn from each other. I feel energized to take action to improve various aspects of my life. Full participation was the key to learning. ” – Linda Preston, AT&T, Lead Training Manager, Milwaukee

“Juliet is a very motivated and exhilarating speaker. I really enjoyed today’s presentation.” – Carrie Bevilacqua, AT&T, Senior IT Analyst, Milwaukee

Practical approach to change reinforces that I am responsible for my actions and my destiny.” – AT&T, Milwaukee

“Great presentation and interaction with participants!” – Jean Wakefield, Executive Director, Manitowoc County Habitat for Humanity

It helps me understand myself; but more so, to help understand the feelings of the people I am working with.” – Andrew Shallow, VP-Commercial Banker, Associated Bank.

“Great presentation and grabbing the audience’s attention. There was never a dull moment!”

“Juliet is full of energy. She keeps her audience engaged and provides a useful tool to help change ours thoughts and reality.” – Tracy Benter, Director of Operations, Economic Development Center, Manitowoc County.

“Right on target!” – Melissa Lake, The Card Connection.

I can see this working for me.” – Kristina Schmitt, Value Stream Manager, GKN Sinter Metals

“Very motivational. Makes you take a look at situations in a different light. Makes you want to work on your Yellow Zone.” – Kelly Knowles, Circulation Assistant, Manitowoc Public Library

“Nice presentation – a re-focusing of concepts into personal life and professional – two vital platforms for success.”  – Julie Tonkovitz. Director. AT&T


The Power of the Purse (a special event for breast cancer awareness)

“Our planning committee gave Juliet a challenge – develop a presentation on the topic of what your purse says about you. She fulfilled our request with flying colors. Juliet’s purse presentation was uplifting, energetic & fun. We were greatly pleased with the research, time & dedication she clearly put into making this a one of a kind presentation.” – Kim Christoffel, HFM Marketing Specialist, Manitowoc, WI


Pixel Yourself by the River – Kaleidoscope Fish

Super idea and deep bow to your creativity. Thanks for adding so much color to the tapestry of our magnificent lakeshore. ” – Dr. Judy Krings, Manitowoc

Caregivers – Ignite your Passion

What did you like best about this seminar?

– “Instructor’s enthusiasm
– “Instructor’s energy”
– “The personal interaction


Focus Your Thoughts, Become a Star

I’m eager to combine these concepts with creating an environment for motivating myself and an environment for others to be motivated.”  Patty Denton, Director of Finance, Boys and Girls Club of the Fox Valley, Appleton, WI

“Foster the idea, “I can make a difference,” by explaining or presenting my ideas and thoughts to create a change. People need to realize they can make a difference, once this is achieved, change can take place. ” Scott Schneider, Assistant Chief, Two Rivers Fire Dept, Two Rivers, WI

“Thank you so much for the wonderful information – we were so very fortunate to have you speak.  You are very talented, and I would recommend you so anyone as a guest speaker.  The idea of being mindful that everyone is having a different experience is surely something to keep in mind at all times.  We were having fun stepping into the Yellow Zone …Interesting results, and very informative.” – Elaine Steckler, Two Rivers Optimists, WI

“Knowledge is power. Knowing about the yellow zone and understanding that one needs to push oneself to move out of that comfort zone and make a conscious effort to explore new areas.”

“Good thought provoking presentation.”

“Enjoyed learning the process to make change; that it starts with thoughts and goes from there.”

The Key to Positive Employee and Customer Relations

“The speaker was phenomenal. She was easy to understand, interesting, funny and full of energy.”

Gender Perceptions in the Workplace

“Juliet made me feel that I can, by doing minor tweaking or with small steps, take control of making changes in how I present myself via the things I say. Her tips will help me become more of an empowered woman in the workforce not just a female doormat anymore.”  – Judy Pivonka, WI Women’s Alliance


From Roots to Fruits: What seeds are you planting for your life?

“You made me do some deep thinking.” – Nancy Ford, Beloit, WI

“Very inspiring and thought provoking.”  –Lou Ann Samz, Manitowoc

“Very insightful.”  –Sheryl Del Conte, Wausau, WI

“Today’s presentation helped me put things in perspective in my life. It made me realize what is really important to me and how I can achieve what I really want for a happy and fulfilled life as a mother and wife.”  – Suzanne Jansky, Manitowoc, WI


Life by Design

“I have attended many “self-help” classes and found that Juliet’s abilities to take her knowledge and facilitate its dispersion within the group allowed each individual to get direct help for their specific needs, yet benefited the entire group. I believe this course will make a difference in my life. She has given me great tools to move forward. FANTASTIC.”

– Barb Bellin, Network Engineer, BizTech, Manitowoc


“Thank you, Juliet, for encouraging me to re-assess my thinking habits. I intuitively knew I was holding myself back, but I did not know of any concrete ways to change. I feel like I have taken a HUGE step forward by attending your seminar and I look forward to reporting back on my success!! “

– Jen Glowaski, Manitowoc, WI


“The program was excellent. It allowed me to work through blockages in my thinking in a safe and supportive environment. Thank you!”

-Craig Glowaski, Massage Therapist, Therapeutic Massage Works,  Manitowoc, WI

” I believe the contents of this seminar will greatly have an impact on my life. Juliet was very knowledgeable, compassionate, and helpful at reaching our core issues, and helping us set goals to overcome them. I highly recommend this seminar to all who feel there is something missing or just not right in their lives.  You will not only learn about some key issues in your life, but also those of others, which may impact you as well.”

Laurel Schleis, Manitowoc, WI

“I believe this workshop [Life by Design] is beneficial to anyone that feels they need some direction in their life. They may feel like something is missing but are not sure how to go about accomplishing their goals out of fear, frustration, lack of confidence or just need help on how to go about it.  Juliet was able to open my eyes and get to the root of what I wanted to accomplish and offered a new way of thinking that was understandable. The yellow zone theory really made sense to me and made me feel my goals were worthwhile and attainable.  She can empathize with you as she shares her life experiences and how she has challenged herself throughout her life and offers her knowledge and insight.

—Paula Radl, Manitowoc, WI


“Juliet has the knowledge, understanding and compassion of a great leader. I truly feel that I have the guidance now to lead the life I want. I am reinventing myself.”

Sarah D. WIMI, Manitowoc, WI


“Juliet’s high energy and intense listening skills were great assets to help us release the mental blocks that get in the way of success.”

—Lisa Callsen, Manitowoc, WI

“I thought the small group was very beneficial. I felt a personal attention, yet there were plenty of thought provoking ideas shared by the others in our group. Juliet encouraged me to explore my “Yellow Zone” and offered suggestions that seem attainable. I am confident I can make a life style change after my experience with Juliet.

Bonnie Kretsch, Manitowoc, WI


“Juliet presented some very personal and powerful tools that you won’t find just anywhere. Her interactive exercises really hit home!”

Anne England, Manitowoc, WI

Focusing on High Payoff Activities

“Thank you for your presentation at our SCORE Chapter meeting.  It was excellent and very much appreciated by our counselors who provide mentoring to small businesses.  Your fine speaking skills drew good audience response and participation.”

—Paul Carron, Vice-Chair SCORE Chapter 508, Green Bay, Wisconsin

It’s Never Too Late

“Terrific presentation. Loved by all in attendance. I’m thinking about my future in a whole new way — empowered!”

Rachel Muchin Young, Public Relations Manager, Manitowoc Public Library

Coach Yourself to Success

“Excellent presentation. I really felt I took a lot away with me and looking forward to applying tips taught to goals in my life.”

Barbara Bellin, Computer Services, Professional Engineer

What others are saying about Yellow Zone International’s team business coaching:

“I felt Juliet’s presentation brought positive energy to our organization. several employees mentioned it gave them insight and a new way of  looking at some of the challenges we face everyday in the insurance business and in our personal lives.”

Sandy Hardrath, Operations  & Human Resources Manager, Ansay & Associates LLC

What others are saying about Yellow Zone International’s business coaching:

“Working with Juliet as a coach was very beneficial because she helped me improve my leadership skills. She was very positive and demonstrated that she cared about my success.  The biggest benefit I got was developing my skills in mentoring my staff, and this has worked out fantastically. Using the Energy Leadership concepts, we focused on building my relationships with staff, getting to know them and their strengths, and developing my leadership style.  We set goals, created a plan, and reviewed my progress. What I really enjoyed was the opportunity to look at myself and receive objective feedback. I continue to move forward on my goals and I am confident in my ability to achieve them.”

Sue Shaw , Nurse Director Acute Care Services, Holy Family Memorial, Manitowoc

“I have been with a personal coach, other than Juliet, for the last 14 months and I have had substantial results…but while I was ‘feeling’ better – I hadn’t taken much “ACTION” on my goals.  I met with Juliet for just a lunch and by the time we were finished – I actually had a complete outline of the presentation I had been putting off creating!

I didn’t expect that at all.  I didn’t even have that as a goal for our meeting.  It came so naturally and it was with little effort.  The beauty of it is that she recognized my need for action (even in our first meeting) and she keenly suggested that I just get started.

I cannot thank you enough Juliet for removing that seemingly HUGE barrier & helping me see how simple it all can be to take action & reach for my goals. I look forward to working with you in the future.  It’s so nice to find someone who believes in your dreams AND has the skill to help you get there in uncommon time.  You truly are gifted!

Dr. Jennifer Rada, Apple Natural Health Clinics, Chiropractic Clinic

“When I started working with Juliet as my coach, I was new in an executive role, and I had needs in time management and balancing my priorities.  Working with Juliet, I have been able to create balance and control the use of my time to be more productive. I’m better at delegating and organizing my work for the next day.

As a result, my life is much less stressful. I have a clearer mind. I am more in control and I have a sense of accomplishment. The people I supervise and the organization are benefiting too.  I am more available to them, and in a more relaxed atmosphere.  I’m much more on track, more productive and feel like I am accomplishing many more of my goals. I would recommend working with a coach for new and seasoned leaders.”

Marcia Donlon RN, BSN, MS, Vice President Medical Center / Chief Nursing Officer, Holy Family Memorial

“I started struggling with achieving a work/life balance and, while I knew that I was capable of success, I couldn’t access the tools to do so.  Juliet, as a coach, helped me to verbalize and to process my frustrations.  I was able to refine them down to fine bullet points instead of nebulous things, and then solve each one in a positive, motivating way.  I don’t know that I would have gotten to the same point working with anyone else.  I liked Juliet’s probing questions.  Through her process, there were a couple areas where I had true mental breakthroughs — they were genius; they completely shifted how I think. And, what I really cherished was the process to internalize my overall goals.  It was a priceless experience.

Scott Taylor, Partner, real estate development company, Chicago

“As a result of working with Juliet Kosarzycki as my coach, I feel more confident in my role, my team is getting a lot done, and I have the time to do things I didn’t have time for before. Because of coaching, I am more conscious about planning, listening, and holding myself and others accountable.

Working with Juliet helped me develop my leadership skills. I used my skills and new ideas with my team to look at our operational plan and set goals so we are all working toward the same thing, and holding ourselves accountable. I was able to step out of the limelight and let others do things. When they saw that I trusted them and gave them leeway, they became more empowered. Now I am guiding them instead of taking charge of everything, and they like that.

Having a coach is good for tenured staff because it will broaden you so you don’t keep doing the same old thing you’ve been doing. I liked having someone challenge me with an outside eye. It gave me new ideas, new ways to look at things. It helped me get out of my comfort box.”

—Jane Gates, Program Operations Director, YMCA

“I benefited from my individual coaching experience with Juliet.  It was extremely helpful to bounce topical issues off of her as outside eyes to get a different perspective. Juliet was very forthright in her coaching, forcing me to stretch and find my own conclusions and necessary outcomes. I found them to be great learning experiences that helped me to grow and develop as I worked through major changes at work.”

Laura Fielding, Administrative Director Organizational Development, Holy Family Memorial

“As a result of my coaching, I believe our child care center is on track to becoming a higher quality, efficiently run program. I believe that I have changed in having a “can do” attitude.  I realize the importance of setting goals and a time frame to succeed with those goals. We thought through the process, analyzing outcomes and strategies.”

—Lynn Paplham, Director of Child Care Services, YMCA

I look at issues very differently now that I’ve worked with Juliet.  She constantly challenged me to see things differently and ask myself what barriers were in my way and to look at how to overcome those barriers. I feel I’m a much better person and leader within my organization.  I use some of the same thought processes that Juliet used with me as I work with others.”

Rita Knowles, Director, Holy Family Memorial


“I would highly recommend Juliet as someone who is extremely intelligent, organized, passionate and creative. I also believe the global perspective she gained while working in the Peace Corps to be a valuable asset to any client or company she chooses to work with.”  

Tina Wascovich, Senior Marketing Consultant & Coach, Rojek Consulting Group and Wascovich Coaching

What others are saying about the Effective Personal Productivity Program:

“I have always considered myself to be very productive and been told many times that I am.  Therefore, when I began this program I was unsure of what true benefit I would get from it.  I am happy to share that I have benefited from the LMI – Effective Personal Productivity program in many ways. Probably the biggest way is the understanding and ability to focus on high priority items.  Prior to this program, I worked hard to do all I needed to do and wasted a lot of energy on tasks that were not high priority.  Now when I focus on what is most important those tasks get my full energy and I am more successful using my time efficiently.

This focus also has helped the staff in Human Resources grow and develop.  To allow me to focus on high priority tasks, I delegate lesser priority responsibilities to them and this challenges them to learn.  As they take on these responsibilities I empower them to make their own decisions and work without my direction.  As they do this, I build their self esteem and confidence thus encouraging them to want to do more.  This benefits me by allowing me to focus on high priority activities.  It benefits staff by adding to their growth and development.  And benefits HFM by creating a well rounded professional Human Resources Department.

I’ve also learned how important it is to schedule time to plan and truly use the time for planning.  Lastly, it is truly difficult and/or impossible to be perfect.  Striving constantly for perfection is exhausting and generally unattainable.  The focus is now on results.

Juliet made sure we were accountable to the work we needed to accomplish and facilitated us engagingly.

Laura Fielding, Administrative Director Organizational Development, Holy Family Memorial

What others are saying about Yellow Zone International’s career coaching:


When I first contacted Juliet, I was very frustrated at continually needing to find new work every 2- 3 years because of the type of work I do (International Development – based on contracts). Each time I searched for a new position, I wasn’t sure of the direction I should take, or the positions I was qualified for. After working with Juliet, I have a new confidence in my abilities and have re-created my resume to show more accomplishments. I understand my skills better and have a career path that I am comfortable with and I have the skills and knowledge to conduct my search.

Working with Juliet was a great experience. She forced me to focus my attention where it was needed. Juliet has also held me accountable for what I have promised to do between sessions. I learned a lot about myself and became much better organized in my career search. The biggest success is a feeling of peace with myself, and with where I am in my career and the prospects for the future – which is very important to me and my family.

Bob Reno, Asia Managing Director, READ Global, Bangkok, Thailand

What others are saying about Yellow Zone International’s life coaching:


“Juliet has a gift for stripping away the layers of an issue and getting to the heart, where it can be solved.  She is extremely insightful, inspirational, and intelligent.  My life is transforming because of the work I have done with Juliet and I am very excited for the future.  I recommend Juliet to anyone who is looking to work with a coach.  She is terrific!”

Theresa Henrickson, Manitowoc


“When I worked with Juliet, I shared with her that I was restless and just didn’t feel like I was where I wanted to be.  We talked about needing a change, new house, new job, something. I went all out and did both.  I feel like I was given a jolt of energy.  Looking back I was probably somewhat depressed and just didn’t know it or want to realize it.   I am so glad I didn’t pass up this opportunity.  Juliet helped me realize what I think I knew but didn’t want to admit, that I needed a big change and was not happy with where I was at. Thank you Juliet for being honest with me and encouraging me to do something.”

Susan, Manitowoc, WI


“When I started my coaching session, I was feeling very overwhelmed and stressed, but after just a few short sessions I learned to organize myself better with combining some activities to make more time for myself.  I also learned different ways to promote involvement from group projects and get cooperation from difficult team members. I now have time to take care of myself and my family in the manner I want to.

You think you can do everything by yourself, but looking at things with a different perspective makes a world of difference.  I think almost anyone could benefit from some level of coaching. “

-Cari Burmaster, City Clerk, City of Onalaska, WI


“What changed over the course of the coaching period is that I became more organized and focused. I’m making a habit to set intentions and goals, which has helped me to feel less overwhelmed and I have more peace.

I feel more productive. The work we did put in me in a good place to navigate work and grad school. While I’m very busy now, I feel I can handle it. I feel prepared and aware. I think my productivity at work allows me to handle more clients.

I would definitely encourage anyone who is thinking about it to work with a coach. Your support and perspective is really helpful and having someone to remind me that life is my own creation is something I really benefited from!

Overall, Juliet, I enjoyed working with you! I appreciate the ways you encouraged me to explore and the insights you had to offer. I found the experience very valuable and I know it will stick with me for a long time. Thank you!”

L. Whitehead

Juliet worked with me on integrating a plan for exercising into a very busy work and family life. We worked via conference call to develop a strategy for implementing. Juliet was wonderful to work with, had a lot of great ideas and helped me look at making changes in thinking to get exercise back into my life. I highly recommend her!

—Grace Wiechman, Minneapolis


Juliet asked amazing questions and did an exceptional job when I was going through a trying situation. Sometimes I just needed to process my thoughts and feelings and Juliet heard what I was saying and helped me explore all aspects. By being very compassionate and understanding, she created an environment that was very safe and helped me get through a very difficult time in my life as I was dealing with the loss of my mother.

Debbie Pott, Chicago