Life by Design

A life-transforming workshop

Would you like to design the life you desire and have the power to make it happen with ease, clarity and vision? This event is for you.

Through interactive activities, you will create a vision for your life and break through the mental obstacles that have been getting in the way. This transformational experience will affect you on many levels.

Tap into the power of your thoughts and see how a small change in thinking can lead to significant changes in many areas of life.



For more information or to sign up:

call 920-682-5015 or email

You’ll leave with:

  • increased self confidence
  • a focus on success
  • a shift in energy that will propel you to create the life you desire.

Don’t you deserve to build your own life,

one that you consciously choose?

What others are saying about this workshop
“Thank you, Juliet, for encouraging me to re-assess my thinking habits. I intuitively knew I was holding myself back, but I did not know of any concrete ways to change. I feel like I have taken a HUGE step forward by attending your seminar and I look forward to reporting back on my success!! “ – Jen Glowaski, Manitowoc, WI

“I came away with the idea that even though my future is not written in stone, I do have more control over how it works out than I thought I did.” Kathy Kwiatkowski


“The program was excellent. It allowed me to work through blockages in my thinking in a safe and supportive environment. Thank you!”   – Craig Glowaski, Massage Therapist, Therapeutic Massage Works,  Manitowoc, WI
“Tonight got me to see that my negative thoughts will continue to bring me down and make me unhappy until I start believing in myself and what I can do.” Natalie Geiger


“I have attended many “self-help” classes and found that Juliet’s abilities to take her knowledge and facilitate its dispersion within the group allowed each individual to get direct help for their specific needs, yet benefited the entire group. I believe this course will make a difference in my life. She has given me great tools to move forward.” FANTASTIC. Thanks Juliet!” Barb Bellin, Network Engineer, BizTech, Manitowoc



I recently attended the workshop “Life by Design.” I believe the contents of this seminar will greatly have an impact on my life. Juliet was very knowledgeable, compassionate, and helpful at reaching our core issues, and helping us set goals to overcome them. I highly recommend this seminar to all who feel there is something missing or just not right in their lives.  You will not only learn about some key issues in your life, but also those of others, which may impact you as well.” – Laurel Schleis, Manitowoc, WI
“I believe this workshop is beneficial to anyone that feels they need some direction in their life. They may feel like something is missing but are not sure how to go about accomplishing their goals out of fear, frustration, lack of confidence or just need help on how to go about it.  Juliet was able to open my eyes and get to the root of what I wanted to accomplish and offered a new way of thinking that was understandable. The yellow zone theory really made sense to me and made me feel my goals were worthwhile and attainable.  She can empathize with you as she shares her life experiences and how she has challenged herself throughout her life and offers her knowledge and insight.” –  Paula Radl, Manitowoc, WI

“Juliet has the knowledge, understanding and compassion of a great leader. I truly feel that I have the guidance now to lead the life I want. I am reinventing myself.Sarah D., WIMI, Manitowoc, WI


“Juliet’s high energy and intense listening skills were great assets to help us release the mental blocks that get in the way of success.” – Lisa Callsen, Manitowoc, WI


“I thought the small group was very beneficial. I felt a personal attention, yet there were plenty of thought provoking ideas shared by the others in our group. Juliet encouraged me to explore my “Yellow Zone” and offered suggestions that seem attainable. I am confident I can make a life style change after my experience with Juliet.” – Bonnie Kretsch, Manitowoc, WI


Juliet presented some very personal and powerful tools that you won’t find just anywhere. Her interactive exercises really hit home!” – Anne England, Manitowoc, WI