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Pixel Yourself by the River – Kaleidoscope Fish

The message behind the event

Pixel Yourself by the River – Kaleidoscope Fish was a performance art event designed to create an opportunity for people of all ages and abilities to join together as a community, be part of something bigger than themselves, and create something fun and original. It was also meant to stretch people by encouraging them to step into their “Yellow Zone” (i.e. out of their comfort zone) and do something they have never done before.

The activity sought to leave the participants inspired to boldly express their own colors by sharing their unique gifts to create positive energy in the world and contribute to the beautiful, ever changing kaleidoscope of life. It reminded us that we indeed are all work of art ourselves, as well as a part of a larger picture that is beautiful and unique.

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Kaleidoscope Fish – Pixel Yourself by the Produced by Tom Shimanek of Comcast.  Posted by YellowZoneIntl.

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kaleidoscope fish:

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Event details:

This was a first-time event and was done as part of the 2nd annual River Rendezvous Festival in Manitowoc WI at the point where the Manitowoc River flows into Lake Michigan on June 26, 2010. Approximately 115 people participated, from Girl Scouts to Red Hatters, families to individuals, and artists and  those who didn’t realize that they are artists. No one had ever participated in something like this before.

The week prior, local artists of all ages expressed their creativity by painting the cardboard fish during a music festival in a city park. It was great fun!







What happened:

As a narrator told an original story of “The Kaleidoscope Fish,” participants stepped onto the “canvas” and became a  “pixel” by holding up a brightly colored piece (fabric or a painted cardboard fish or smiley face). As the story unfolded, more and more pixels entered and mixed and mingled, creating a kaleidoscope-like image when viewed from above. Eventually, all of the pixels were in place and formed one huge image of a fish (approximately 3,000 square feet).


We start with a blank canvas.
An outline hints at what is to come.
One by one, colors enter and swirl.
An image starts to take shape.
Suddenly, the Kaleidoscope Fish is born.



The Kaleidoscope Fish. Written by Jen Glowaski
Copyright 2010. All rights reserved.

It was a beautiful summer morning in Manitowoc County.

In the east, the sun was just beginning to peek over the edge of Lake Michigan.  As the sky lightened with the first pale mist of dawn, the bright red cardinals began to sing their morning greetings to one another.

Soon the sky wasn’t dark anymore – it was tinged with purple in the east, where the sun was about to rise over the Lake.

The first yellow rays of sun spread through the sky and danced on the water of the Manitowoc River where it meets Lake Michigan.

Sparkles of light bounced on the water as the sun rose higher in the vast blue sky.

In the light of the new day, the world began to awaken.

The green trees on the lakeshore swayed in the breeze, their leaves the sound of the rushing waves.  Shhh…  A new day has begun…  Be still and be present…  Shhh…

The fish in the river moved with the dawn current, slowly waking up from their peaceful watery dreams.  The fish wriggled their tails and splashed in the waves, happy to be alive and ready to enjoy the day.

The people of Manitowoc were glad to feel the sunshine on their faces, and they saw the light sparkling on the water, and they were happy to share this beautiful day with all of the life surrounding them on the Lakeshore.

The birds in the sky, the sunlight sparkling on the waves, the trees swaying in the breeze, the fish in the River, and the people on the Lakeshore – we are all part of the colorful kaleidoscope of life in Manitowoc!

Our Sponsors, Volunteers and Supporters

A special thanks goes out to following for helping make this unique event a success:

Event Coordinator: Juliet Kosarzycki, Yellow Zone International LLC

Big Fish Supporters
Creative Solutions and Keith Hartlaub
Hallman-Lindsay Paints
Mainly Manitowoc
Manitowoc Coffee

Core Artistic and Logistics Team

Kay Archie
Barb Bellin
Bruce Bitter
Doug Dewey
Tony Fodden
Craig Glowaski
Jen Glowaski
Juliet Kosarzycki
Richard Kosarzycki
Melissa Lake
Zach Lulloff


Heather Allard
Heidi Dalberg
Jennifer Rada
Julie Hed
Manitowoc/Two Rivers Red Hatters
Nick Kosarzycki
Paula Radl

Photographers and Videographers
Nate Haben
Keith Hartlaub, Creative Solutions
Diane Kosarzycki
Richard Kosarzycki
John Rohrer
Michael Wisniewski

Sponsors and Supporters
Best Western
C. Anthony Fodden LLC
Copps Food Center
Festival Foods
Harborside Restaurant
International Paper
Larry’s Piggly Wiggly
Manitowoc Senior Center
Papa Murphy’s
Party Pizzazz
Rahr-West Art Museum
SeaLife Creations
SS Badger
The Masquers Inc.
Therapeutic Massage Works










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