Podcast: This is what I have to do

In May 2014, Patrick Laws began to notice his vision was suddenly blurred. Following a series of tests, he was diagnosed with diabetes and he learned that it had affected him physically, emotionally, and cognitively. It had almost cost him his vision and his life. That was a quick wake up call for making changes and he took on the attitude of “This is what I have to do to survive to old age.” Listen to the changes he made and what he had to keep telling himself to form new habits. Recorded Dec 14, 2015.

Podcast: Tossing aside a plan and feeling most alive

Tina Prigge bought a one-way ticket to Kathmandu and began an unplanned adventure. Upon arriving at the airport, she had to calm herself to avoid hyperventilating from the anxiety of not knowing what she was getting into. Her journey was filled with many new adventures. She trekked to the Everest Base Camp, went on a multi-day kayak expedition including class 5 rapids (even though she had never kayaked before), took a two week camel trek through the desert, and burst into song to break the tension when surrounded by hundreds of men in a train station. She describes this as a time when she was the most alive she had ever been. Yet, she was also terrified several times. Hear how her willingness to be open to delays and put aside her habit of planning led her to discover what she is capable of achieving. Recorded Dec 15, 2015.

Podcast: Being stuck, literally

Being stuck, literally. Barb Kollath was seeking an adventure that took her farther than she intended to go. She found herself literally and figuratively stuck, unable to go forward. Hear about how she kept herself calm when she was wedged face down in a dark tunnel of rock. Recorded Dec 15, 2015.