More about Juliet

Yellow Zone International’s founder, Juliet Kosarzycki, is committed to developing the leaders within each of us to use our unique gifts to create wellness, prosperity and fulfillment in our lives and communities.  Valuing contribution and service, Juliet believes each of us is meant to continue to tap into our unlimited potential and find new ways to use and share our strengths. She founded Yellow Zone International to help others access that potential and take action to use it.

Juliet Kosarzycki, certified professional coach, trainer, motivational speaker, and Associate with Leadership Management Institute-Riverside, brings over 16 years of diverse professional experience in corporate, non-profit and international settings. She has empowered teams and led trainings for a Fortune 500 company and has over 14 years of management and training experience leading employees to excellence. An enthusiastic speaker, she inspires leaders to explore new possibilities and take purposeful action to create the results they desire.

After a successful corporate career, Juliet joined the Peace Corps to follow her passion to motivate people on a global level.  Volunteering in Eastern Europe for over two years, she mobilized small businesses, local government and young adults to use their strengths to create sustainable development in their community. One of her many achievements was a leadership program where young women developed confidence and project management skills through successfully implementing a variety of community service projects. Collaborating with international and local organizations, Juliet provided training and developed programs that challenged others to go beyond what they thought was possible. Her energy and skill in coaching others led groups to form new partnerships to work cooperatively toward mutual goals.

Juliet works with all levels of leaders, from teens, to rising stars, to seasoned performers. Contact her today to see what she can do for you.

Future goals of Yellow Zone International

Yellow Zone International is currently building the foundation to be able to support international development projects that promote wellness, community and prosperity in developing countries.  The range of support will include:

  • coaching services to those who want to create or implement such projects
  • brainstorming and networking to ensure valuable, sustainable projects
  • financial contributions or assistance with fund raising

If you are a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV), a philanthropist, an eager community development strategist,  someone with a lot of great ideas, or someone with the means or ability to really make things happen, please contact Yellow Zone International to see how we can partner together.